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A career in Pilates demonstrates flexibility, community, continuous growth and development. Begin your journey with two necessary Power Pilates certifications and see your life change!

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Teacher Training
September 21-23, 2018



Teacher Training
October 19-21, 2018

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Power Pilates is the leading educator of classical Pilates in the world with over 100 training centers in 10 countries supported by more than 10,000 Power Pilates trained professionals.

For 20 years Power Pilates has been dedicated to Pilates training that honors the integrity of the original method developed by Joseph Pilates. Our rigorous training programs are taught by the top teachers in the industry. Combined with an emphasis on the “Art of Teaching,” we provide our students with a profound learning experience and the most thorough preparation for a career in Pilates.

Power Pilates Education Programs include the classical exercises and proprietary teaching tools that inspire our students toward their highest level of professional achievement. Through both observation and practical experience, our programs build on the technical expertise by increasing knowledge, developing confidence and leadership ability in our students.

As the recognized leader in the industry, Power Pilates trained teachers are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. By choosing to become Power Pilates educated, our graduates join a global community of passionate and dedicated professionals stretching from the US to South America, Europe to Asia.

Mat Programs

Power Pilates Mat programs are the first step in your Pilates Training. Once you complete and pass each program, you will receive an Assessment-Based Certificate (ABC) stating your eligibility to teach that particular level Pilates Mat class.

Core Mat I

The foundation of all of our programs; every program builds upon the information provided in this course. You will learn 18 Beginner level Mat exercises and be introduced to the Power Pilates Teaching Tools (i.e. philosophy, teaching formula, Power Pilates “Art of Teaching”).

Core Mat II

Develop your ability to work with people of all ages and different fitness levels. You will learn 12 Intermediate level Mat exercises and where to add them within the sequence of the Beginner Mat class, while continuing to develop your teaching skills.

Advanced Mat

This one day continuing education training focuses on complex cueing and sophisticated variations, including 14 Advanced level Mat exercises. The Advanced Mat Course will provide the skills for achieving a deeper engagement in the body that adds an intuitive richness to the exercises.

Apparatus Programs

Graduates of our Comprehensive program qualify to take the Pilates Method Alliance exam to complete certification.


The Power Pilates Comprehensive program is our most extensive program, lasting 6-9 months and including over 600 classroom and apprentice hours. The program covers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level exercises integrating the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Ped-O-Pull and Magic Circle.

You will master the teaching tools learned during the previously attended Mat programs; building and developing teaching skills while increasing knowledge, confidence and the skill set to work with special case clientele. As a sought after Power Pilates graduate, you will develop a sharp eye for subtle exercise modifications and have the ability to work with people of all ages and fitness levels concurrently.

Bridge Participants

The Power Pilates Bridge program was developed for seasoned Pilates teachers previously trained with another educator. The goal is for you, an experienced teacher, to learn, understand and re-visit the principles and exercises of the classical method. Enjoy being a student again! You will attend the five weekend intensives of the Comprehensive program, but do not have the same Apprentice Hour requirements (if any at all). The program ends with a four- part test out.

Continuing Education

Power Pilates believes that learning is an ongoing process and that completing a training program is only the first step. Our continuing education courses allow you to review the principles and exercises learned during education, explore topics not covered during you program, refine your teaching skills, and most importantly, maintain the integrity of the method. Power Pilates has developed the most extensive continuing education program in the industry and offers frequent continuing education conferences as well as the opportunity to complete credits online at LeadersinFitness.com.

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