Introductory Special: 
3 private sessions and 3 mat classes for $185.00 ($240 Value)

This package is designed to give clients the feel for the Pilates method, and allow our fully certified instructors to discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and fitness goals. Our instructors will develop a personal Pilates program specifically for you in order for you to experience the most profound results. Clients will experience all areas of Pilates, using seven pieces of classical equipment, and group mat classes. 

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Pilates Mat Class

Pilates Mat Class is the foundation of all of our programs. Every program we offer builds upon the information learned during this class. Students will learn proper alignment, breath, core engagement, and flexibility training. This class will focus on strength, stamina, and fluidity.


The Reformer reforms the body by providing resistance and assistance simultaneously, while on a moving base, with straps that function as a pulley system. On the Reformer you are able to work opposition, strength and flexibility training, and core stability all in one! Our Reformer will teach you the foundation of an amazing and challenging sequence. This workout is challenging and effective while keeping you safe.


Private Session

A one on one session with a certified Pilates instructor with over 600hrs of training. A 55 minute session dedicated to you and only you! A thorough assessment will be performed to develop a plan of care to meet your fitness needs or goals.

Semi-Private Session: "Work Out With a Friend"

One instructor training two friends for 50 minutes. A complete head to toe workout with emphasis placed on the fundamental pilates principles. Centering, control, concentration, breath, precision, and flow.

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