Yoga focuses on correct alignment, form and breathing. Great if you are new to Yoga or would like to build a better understanding of your continuing practice. Each class features a few moments of initial breath setup, a series of yoga poses designed to improve balance, increase flexibility and build strength, and seals with a few moments of restful meditation. Learn Yoga asanas and proper breathing that will help improve muscular strength and flexibility. Yoga will help you to clear your mind and open your heart. Open to students of all levels.

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200 Hr Yoga teacher Certification

Sacred Heart Yoga School is a 200 hour program nationally registered by the yoga alliance. 

As the Pilates and Yoga Loft continues to grow and thrive, so do our teachers and students. Our studio is committed to providing continuing education. We are thrilled to be hosting Sacred Heart Yoga Teacher Training. Whether you plan to inspire others through teaching or not, the program prepares you for self-study and a total transformation of body, mind, and spirit. You will deepen your personal practice and learn to teach from the heart. When you choose Sacred Heart Yoga School to devote your time and energy, you are choosing an adventure.  We will be journeying through the 8 limbs of yoga. The experience will give you the tools to create inspiring ,effective sequences all while planting seeds of kindness. 

You will learn how to safely teach others the benevolent practice of yoga. The school uses an individualized approach where your authenticity is encouraged. All 5 senses will be used in the learning process. Our space together will be held in a nurturing environment and the  training will be well-rounded. Invest in yourself and in a future of inspiring others. Hope to see you on this adventure.

The Core curriculum includes:

-Developing a personal practice

-Confidently teaching a safe and effective class

-Understanding the fundamental yoga postures, physical and energetic alignment

-Creating fun and meaningful sequences 

-8 limbed yogic path (Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dyyana, Samadhi)

-Anatomy of yoga

-Philosophy and History

-Intro to Ayurveda-Sanskrit-Chakras

-Practice teaching with feedback

-Homework assignments and required reading


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