Mandy Vance

  • 15 June 2017
  • Author: Kylie Roswell
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Mandy Vance

Amanda Day Vance (Mandy) has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Why yoga? Because it is unity, it is one-ness, it is healing +  strength + balance + surrendering + freedom + it is love and  inspirational, it is life. Practicing yoga is how we become who we are and how we become strong, so that we can help not only ourselves, but others as well. Mandy’s life mission is to help and heal others through beautiful teachings of all kinds.

Mandy will give her all + her heart + her soul to each and everyone who comes into her life and beyond – to share the teachings of her Soul. Her class will make you feel full of strength + love + life with a style of flow to the theme of music and dharma throughout.  

Mandy is a graduate of 400 hr Swan River Teacher Training in New Orleans and plans to continue her education while traveling. Her next training is a summer of studying Auyrveda - Natural Life Medicine. When not in the yoga studio, you will find Mandy traveling the world with her family, cooking + teaching recipes from her garden for her blog and seeing lots of live music. 

Staff First NameMandy
Staff Last NameVance
Staff TitleYoga Instructor
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